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Team History:

The Whales were one of the original two teams for GOHA.

SL Community Affiliation:

Bay City

First Season Played:

Season 1

Original Team Roster:

Kaelee Bailly
Weis Hickman
Maximillion Keene
Keith Vilas
Lornee Leroux
Ricky Spatula
Santo Menoptra
Keiko Lahtoh
Timothy Pilot
Vienna James
Micheal Rodeo
Senor Edleweiss
Docsisle Magellan
Rocky Rutabaga
MikeyMo Rinkitink
William Galileo
Saint McNamara
Krzysiek Something
Jerry Lightworker
Maximus973 Gladstone
Rick Cord
Alf Trumbo
GT McFly
David28 Benedek
Xyvience Arcadia
Cullen Vivian

League Awards:

The Global Cup (North American Division Trophy)
Seasons 3, 5, 7, 14, 15

The Tomba Cup (NA Division Regular Season Champs)
Seasons 1, 3, 7, 15

Courneyor Trophy for Outstanding Teamwork
Season 3, 13, 14

Itokawa Trophy Team MVP Whales
S4 Jensen Itokawa
S7 Galadriel Falta
S8 Fall Goalpost, Maximus Bryner
S9 Nic Renegade
S10 Sacha Pangaea
S11 MrC Sparta
S12 Nic Renegade, Gunner Walker
S13 Jehuty Niemi
S14 Jehuty Niemi
S15 Henrik Genesis

Current Team Captain:

Arctic Kas

Favorite Events/Memories:

Kalita Magic: "
You know, everyone has certain things they do to prepare for a game. Some of us don't wash our socks, sing a song, or speak only in Pig Latin. Most of the games I played in with the Whales, it just didn't feel like the game had really started until Nic Renegade let out a truely awesome burp."

Jack Belvedere: I was a Whale for just one season, Season 8. But my favorite Whales memory was back in Season 1 when the Whales goalie went crazy after letting something like 20 goals in, and took out a semi automatic and started shooting the opposition. SpecialK (KingHenrik) got blasted 50 yards up. I had to boot the Whales goalie off the sim but it was so funny none of us could stop laughing."

Marjan Tomba: "For several seasons when I was captain and had Tuvok on our team, we knew we were in for a hard game unless Tuvok would unleash a musical masterpiece for us with his ass. Tuvok, those glorious, inspiring ditties you fired out there for us were a true inspiration and are the single most important reason we raised the cup in season 7. So here's to Tuvok and his musical farts! May he toot on forever! CHARGE!"

Tuvok Dingson: "Drafted pretty quick and Marjan was confidend i would be a good defencive player. I was like what the... LOL but there i was. immediately felt like home and respected as person, i was still a bit a rookie as i only played a couple of games in S6 only with the Foxes. I can remember with all top players. Always just having fun with what we did. I really loved Marj and Max als captain and assistant captain. Their reassuring, postive critism and how they all treated the team made us win the cup. Real genuine fun and what a blast we had in voice always. And i still have that wooden shoe here that i need to have Marjan swollow hehe. Always picking on the crazy Dutch baster pfff."

Tricia McBain: "I guess my biggest memory was actually being traded to the Whales from the Ice Lords. S9 was my rookie season and I kinda got attached to the people I was playing alongside of. Needless to say I was heartbroken and very nervous about joining my new team. I dont think it was long after our first practice together, that the whole team basically welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like I had been a Whale all along. I have to thank ... Max, Nic, Six, Kalita, Mickey, George, Nadoka and my Kitten(Kassy) ... considering the outcome of our season, it would have been the norm to sulk, but the character that our team showed made all the difference in the world and to that end I will always respect each and everyone of you. Thanks for a great season! *kisses*"

Ian Humby: "I was drafted in S7 to the Whales, my rookie season, and won the Global Cup. I remained on the Whales in S8 and we lost fighting our keisters off for the Toilet Bowl. Both seasons were a lot of fun, regardless of how we were doing. Sifting through my many fond memories of both seasons, I would have to say was during Jack Belvedere's first game with the Whales in S8 after a trade, when Marj wanted Jack off the ice by saying in voice: "Ok, Jack off, Jack off...omg, can't believe I just said that." To this day, those epic words still echo in my head during any line changes..."
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